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Friday, January 28, 2011

Larry Bird, the NBA of today vs. the Past, steroid use?

There is much debate about who is the greatest player in the NBA today.  There are those who say that Jordan is hands down.  Others will debate that Kobe is, or is on his heels at the very least.  Then, Cleveland fans notwithstanding, there are those who argue as the day is long that neither of the two aforementioned could hold a candle to LeBron, and that despite not having any titles currently, when he finishes his career he will have enough.  But, in the final analysis, the best player ever in the NBA just might be....Larry Bird?  The arguments against Bird are many: he was slow, he couldn't jump, his three titles are two fewer than Kobe and three less than Jordan.  Yet those also could be arguments for Bird being the best ever.  He's the best because because he won three titles, scored, rebounded, passed the ball,  AND in the process made his teammates better despite lacking these attributes.  Bird may have fewer titles than Jordan and Kobe because his he had a rivalry with the Johnson's Lakers that neither of the other two had during their time.  Sure Jordan had the pistons, but once he beat them they sort of faded into the background.  Jordan would face a different opponent in the finals each time he made it.  Kobe has more of a case with his battles with the Celtics, yet it was apparent last season that age had been catching up with the big three of the C's, hurting his case...

I always marvel at people who say that so and so would dominate if he played back in the NBA in the 60s and 70s. Really? And just how do you know this?  It might be safe to say players today are quicker, bigger and stronger than they were 30 to forty years ago, but I just don't know about a blanket statement like that.  Who's to say that a player like Dwight Howard, as strong and quick as he is today, would be that strong if he played in the same era as Bill Russell?  And people love to compare LeBron James' game to Oscar Robertson.  Who would win in a one on one competition of these two in their primes?  The answer is I don't really know, and any statement to the contrary is just plain dumb.  Which might invalidate my above premise that Bird is the best ever, cause maybe there is no such thing....

Ever wonder about steroids in the NBA?  I know what you're thinking, steroids hinder growth, and how could anyone be over 6 feet and take steroids.  But hear me out.  What if they took steroids after they reached their maximum height? Have you taken a look at Dwight Howard recently?  It seems even his shoulders look like solid muscle.  And who's to stop them? I don't know what David Stern has in place regarding steroid testing in the Association, but to my knowledge there is none.  But hey, Stern is a busy guy, he's got to get the global audience since it seems his domestic one is dwindling, right?


  1. Do u ever feel like a gigantic fart face for not having any responses before me?

    1. No. Honestly most of the comments are my own, and I have been so busy blogging on other platforms I haven't posted a new entry here for six months. Bet that wasn't response you were looking for.