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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ohio State in control of its own destiny after impressive win vs. Miami

So the critics will say that Ohio State should have beaten Miami by four touchdowns on Saturday, rather than the 12 point differential that was the game's actual final result.  They will say Terrelle Pryor was inefficient, completing under 50% of his passes and almost throwing a couple of picks.  And then there is the continual bashing of head coach Jim Tressel, whom they will say is directly responsible for letting Miami back in the game with his conservative gameplan.  Fact of the matter is, Ohio State was rather impressive in its win Saturday, scoring 36 points against a Miami team that was believed to have much more speed than its Buckeye counterparts.  Pryor played well for the second time against a big school opponent, throwing two touchdowns, running for another td, and accounting for more than 300 of Ohio State's 414 total yards on offense.  And that doesn't even take into account that Pryor, by the way, did not throw any interceptions.  Ohio State's defense also shined brightly Saturday, holding to Miami to only 10 points if you don't count the to special teams returns that Miami had that led to touchdowns.  And for all the bellyaching about Tressel, Ohio State has won its eighth straight game dating back to October of last season, including its second straight win against a top 15 ranked non-conference opponent.  Bottom line is that Ohio State now controls its own destiny in its pursuit of the BCS national championship game.  If the Buckeyes can win out from here on out they are in the nc game.  And based on my observations of how they played Saturday, they have a pretty good chance to do just that.


  1. Of the last ten or so BCS NC games the SEC has one 6 whereas other conferences only have one title. It will be hard to consider OSU over the hurdle u nil it beats a quality SEC team. Especially in a big ten the routinely gets crushed a la Penn state. In the end Miami was not that good and the game was in the shoe.

  2. Actually SEC has only 5 of last 10 BCS titles. OSU has vanquished last two opponents who had any speed, Oregon and Miami, Oregon actually may have SEC type speed and Miami, while maybe not as good as Oregon was, is still very fast. Alabama should not feel any better about their situation as they won a home game against a freshman quarterbacked PSU team, not the Darryl Clark led team that fell to OSU 24-7 in Happy Valley last year. In any case it would be a great game should OSU and Alabama make it there I hope it happens.