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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Peyton Manning merely human? That's unthinkable!

Last night as I was watching the New York Jets play the Indianapolis Colts in the second of two wild card games to be played, I couldn't help but see how Manning was struggling mightily against the Jets' defense.  And, this after hearing all week from analyst after analyst that while the Jets had more talent on both sides of the ball than the Colts, the one equalizer that the Colts had was Peyton Manning.  He had been thrown this praise even after the Colts had endured a season where in week 13, with their record being 6-6, there were many people who doubted the Colts would even make the playoffs.  New York head coach Rex Ryan only added fuel to the fire saying that beating Manning and the Colts was now "personal."  I'm sorry, Rex, but what did Peyton ever do to you to make last night's game "personal?" So taking all of this into perspective watching the events of the game unfold, I couldn't help but make two observations: 1. the Jets came out yesterday ready to play, whether Ryan's "it' personal now" strategy worked or not, and 2. Peyton Manning is only human, and as a human is prone to mistakes.  Of course that is not based on any one bad pass he threw last night, or an interception he might have thrown(to my knowledge he hadn't thrown any) but more as to how he reacted when faced with 3rd and short on multiple occasions in the first quarter.  Not only did he throw the ball incomplete on those occasions, that he threw the ball at the receivers feet almost each time and at the exact same spot in the field led me to believe that the designed play was a short pass over the middle.  Which is fine if you complete it.  But Manning's insistence on throwing it when he could have call an audible for a downfield play might show a weakness in the man we all thought to be football immortality.  And that's alright, cause Manning is just human after all, right?

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