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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Sisters of the Poor? Why TCU wouldn't be able to hang in Big Ten despite Rose Bowl Victory

As you have probably heard by now, signs are popping up all over Columbus congratulating TCU on their victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. What is more, these billboards are signed "Little Sisters of the Poor" an intentional dig at The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, who, more than a month ago stated publicly he believed teams like TCU and Boise State couldn't hang with the Big Ten because they played the 'Little Sisters of the Poor.' Well, you know what? He wasn't wrong.  Sure, this season the Horned Frogs might have done better than ok, but they would not have gone undefeated in the Big Ten, and they most certainly would not have been playing in a BCS bowl.  And I believe this to be true despite the respective records of the Big Ten(3-5) and the MWC (4-1) in bowl play.  Why is that, you say? Easy.  First off, despite the final score, it was evident that TCU had trouble handling the size that Wisconsin presented. TCU would be at a size disadvantage in almost certainly every game they played in the Big Ten and probably the SEC too, for that matter.  Then there is inclement weather, which I am sure TCU is not accustomed to playing in, and will be in for a rude awakening upon joining the Big East. This is important because I think TCU would encounter serious problems trying to run their fast break offense against Wisconsin on a snowy, windy field, but in the sunny bliss that is Pasadena on New Year's day they had no problem.  Then there is the issue of travel.  TCU was well represented on New Year's day, but I wonder how well they would travel to places that aren't tourist traps, such as Iowa City or State West Lafayette, Indiana?  It seemed to me that the crowd was equal 12th man for both TCU and Wisky, but I doubt that would be the case if TCU was part of the Big Ten. On the other hand, I could see many Ohio State, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan fans eager to make the trip to Fort Worth, so much so that if TCU's football field wasn't large enough they might have to relocate the game to Dallas Cowboy stadium.  At the end of the day, however, this point may be moot, as the Horned Frogs will join the Big East next season.  Yet that may not end the debate as to whether TCU is fit to play in the BCS, especially given the Big East's (or Least as it is being known these days in football) poor performance as of late.

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