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Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Luck!-He's still a Cardinal

As you have probably heard by now, Stanford Cardinal starting quarterback Andrew Luck is foregoing the NFL draft to complete his senior class year and obtain his degree.  You read that right,  Luck is foregoing the NFL draft to return to Stanford.  How often do you ever hear that happening these days, especially from a quarterback who is a lock to make millions as the number one pick in the NFL draft?  I can't say I'm really surprised, as I even speculated to my co-workers he might return to one of the pre-eminent universities in the nation to obtain his diploma. No, really, I did, even though I don't have the conversation recorded as proof.  And while many of my co-workers and friends will say he's an idiot for passing up millions, his chances at a national title are slim with all the departing senior at Stanford this year, etc., I actually applaud Luck for his decision.  Because in this day and age of college athletics, it seems that the student part of student-athlete is almost forgotten when in comes to the football or basketball player.  This is despite the fact that all of these athletes are getting their respective education(s) paid for in its entirety by accepting a scholarship to play ball at their given university.  I actually mentioned to some friends of mine that if Pryor, Posey, and Company wanted to really show their teammates and fans they cared about Ohio State, not only would they return next season to serve their five game suspensions, but they would also work toward getting their degrees at The Ohio State University before leaving for the NFL.  My buddies, of course told me to stop being stupid, that no one before them who entered the NFL draft got their degree beforehand either.  But as I reminded them, the others before Pryor, Posey, etc. didn't sell treasured memorabilia either.  But I digress.  The reason I bring up Pryor is to illustrate just how screwed up society's opinion of college athletics is today.  As far as they're concerned, Luck should have left to go to the NFL,  opting to leave his degree on the table rather than guaranteed millions on the table.  And in the case of Pryor, well, he should go too, not necessarily because he will succeed at the next level, but due to a belief that he wasn't really all that committed to Ohio State in the first place.  But I say good luck, Mr. Luck, I hope you obtain your degree, and to Terrelle Pryor, I say, see you next year, perhaps?  Maybe you can earn one of those diplomas, too, before you leave?

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