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Sunday, March 3, 2013

ESPN Has a New "Best of the Best" Candidate

Good evening sports fans, I trust you all had a good weekend. Unless you're Bobby Knight's assistant, that is, and then you have my sympathies. (Joking, coach!! Lighten up, buddy)

I normally try to stay away from shameless re-posting of videos I see on, especially those shared on social media outlets such as facebook and twitter as a rule of thumb.

But in this case I will make an exception, as I think this video should be No. 1 on ESPN's Top Ten plays of the week. In fact, I would go so far as to say I believe it merits serious attention as a " Best of the Best" play.

Those of you who are diehard sports fans like myself are quite aware that every Monday ESPN compiles a list of the top ten plays of the week(or weekend, as it may be). Those of you who are casual sports fans, well think of it like being named employee of the week or month.

Enough beating around the proverbial bush, however. What you need to know is that this is a New York High School Class 1AA championship game between New Rochelle and Mount Vernon in Westchester, New York.  New Rochelle's Khalil Edney hits an improbable three quarters court shot to give his team the win over Mount Vernon.

At this point you may be wondering 'what 's the big deal, guys hit buzzer-beaters from halfcourt all the time." If that's the case, you need to re-watch the video. What stands out to me is that a player from the opposing team, Mount Vernon, casually throws the ball away, and, the game should have been over. Edney didn't even have time to get his feet set before he heaves the 55 footer for the win.

I hope ESPN doesn't sue me for copyright infringement. After all, I am only trying to get people to lobby for this as a best of the best play. Which is where it should remain for at least five or six weeks.

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