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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buckeye fans need to just enjoy Sugar Bowl win

Last night's Sugar Bowl was a great game, even if you were a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  If you were an Ohio State fan, maybe you breathed a sigh of relief after the game.  Or you could have been critical of Tressel's game management down the stretch, or outraged that the five players involved in "Tattoogate" as its being called were on the field last night.  But I would like to give all Ohio State fans out there a simple word of advice regarding last night's game: just enjoy the fact your team won the game.  Your team finally got the proverbial "can't beat the SEC in a bowl game" monkey off its back, what more could you ask for? And we could argue all day whether the five players facing suspension in the fall deserved to be on the field last night, but I say let's let their actions in the coming weeks and months determine their fate.  You want OSU to play a perfect game? There is no such thing as a perfect game, I tell you.  You think the win was tainted by players who don't deserve to be there?  The NCAA says they do, and that's good enough for me, and it should be good enough for you, too.  So be happy, Buckeye fans.  Ohio State finished the season 12-1, defeated a quality opponent, and won their second straight BCS bowl game.  I don't know about you, but aside from winning the National Championship I'll take that any day.

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