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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How the draft should actually play out-the first ten picks

If we have learned anything from previous drafts, it is that who teams should pick and who they actually end up drafting are two completely different things.  I have seen several mock drafts, and based on what I have read, and my own opinion of what teams need in the draft, here is my projection for the first ten picks:

1. St Louis Rams-Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma-the Rams need a franchise qb and even though they want to trade out of this pick, the Browns aren't willing to give up what the Rams are asking for this pick
2. Detroit Lions-Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma-There are many people who believe that Suh will be taken here.  I am not one of them.  Most draft experts believe the difference between McCoy and Suh is marginal at best and the Lions are excited about the combination of size and speed that McCoy brings to this position.
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska-the most talented player available in the first round he is an immediate upgrade for a defense that was one of the worst in the NFL in 2007
4. Washington Redskins- Dan Williams, DT Tennessee- Many people believe that the Redskins will take Russell Okung left tackle out of Oklahoma State, with this pick.  I am not in that camp, as I see the standoff between Albert Haynesworth and the 'Skins still unresolved on draft day.  The acquistion of Williams should be a clear signal to Haynesworth that Washington is ready to move in a different direction.
5. Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry, S Tennessee- The Browns wish that he would fall to them at number 7, but this scenario is to enticing for KC to pass up.  He has been compared to Ed Reed.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.
6. Seattle Seahawks-Russell Okung, LT Oklahoma State-The Seahawks have many holes to fill, like the Browns, but Okung is a gift to Seattle at no. 7 for an offensive line that gave up 41 sacks.
7 Cleveland Browns - trade pick to San Francisco for the number 13(or 17th) and 49 picks-  The Browns wanted Eric Berry at this pick, but he wasn't available. San Francisco, worried that Oakland might draft Jimmy Clausen at number eight was more than happy to give up its two of its first three picks  for this pick.  The Browns then offer to trade the number 13 pick to the Texans for the number 20 pick and compensation, as they really want to draft either DE Brandon Graham from Michigan, DE Jared Odrick from Penn State or S Taylor Mays from USC but they don't want to pay either of them what a 13 pick would command.  If the Browns can't move down from 13 they end up selecting S Earl Thomas out of Texas.  If the Browns land either Graham or Odrick in the first, either of whom would be a great fit for Mangini's 3-4 defense, don't be surprised if the Browns wait until the 3rd or fourth to draft a safety, maybe even someone like OSU's Kurt Coleman. As for drafting Colt McCoy, the popular belief is that Holmgren, never a man to use a high pick on a qb in the past wont this year; but the addition of the 49th pick only confuses things.  Should Cleveland swap with the 49ers for the 17th pick they most definitely draft Graham.
8.Oakland Raiders-Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State-Al Davis, upset that Clausen isn't available because the 49ers took him, loves Bryant's speed and cannot resist taking him here.  Many boards have Bryant going to Cleveland; I cannot see them taking him for two reasons: they were able to land Mohamed Massaquoi in the second round last year, and Bryant has the same agent as Crabtree, making negotiations almost a guaranteed nightmare.
9.  Buffalo Bills-Trent Williams, T Okalhoma- The Bills would have loved for Clausen to have slipped here but are glad to have an individual who should help a unit that gave up 46 sacks last season.
10. Jacksonville Jaguars-CJ Spiller, Clemson-he is another back in the mold of Fred Taylor who makes a nice complement to MJD in the Jags backfield.

That's how I see it playing out, definitely will be fun to watch the first couple of rounds, and by no means is Sam Bradford a lock to go number one.  Has to be one of the hardest drafts to predict in a while.

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  1. note: I have listed McCoy as from Alabama, my apologies to all Sooner fans as he is from Oklahoma. Still doesn't change my opinion as to where he goes in the draft, I believe Detroit passes on him