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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

23 or 6? for Lebron James, the most athletically gifted athlete ever, it doesn't really matter

Much has been made of the recent announcement by Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James that he will change the number he wears on his jersey next season from 23 to 6. James has publicly stated he is making the change to honor one of the National Basketball Associations all-time greats, Michael Jordan. Proponents of the move argue that James should defer to Jordan, who in the eyes of some took the game of professional basketball one step further than Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Opponents of the move will argue that Lebron should choose another number besides 6, as this was the number worn by legends Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics and Julius Erving of the Philadelphis 76ers. I would argue that Lebron James has earned the right to wear whatever number he likes, whether it be 23 or 6 or 32 or 00. In my opinion, James is not only the most gifted athlete in the NBA, or in sports today, but he may also be the most athletically gifted athtlete ever. Not only does he dominate in the NBA, but many have speculated that he could also star in the NFL as well. And one part of his game that is overlooked is his quickness; that quickness might have made him an excellent track star as well. So let King James wear whatever number he likes: it may be a long time before the world sees an athlete as naturally talented as him again.

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