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Friday, March 5, 2010

For top NBA draft propsects John Wall and Evan Turner, decision to turn pro early not so clear cut

There has been plenty of speculation for months that point guards John Wall of the University of Kentucky, and Evan Turner of The Ohio State University, will more than likely turn pro after their respective season(s) end. These guys are more than likely the best players in the nation, and either one could be the number one pick in next June's NBA draft. However, does that mean either one should declare for the draft as soon as their season is over? In my opinion, no it does not. As the number one pick in the draft they would more than likely be taken by the Nets, and any casual NBA fan can tell you that New Jersey is not a fun place to be in right now. Sure you get a lot of guaranteed money as a number one overall pick but being drafted by the Nets this year would seem to me worse than being drafted by the Clippers in any year. There is a chance that New Jersey could be the worst team in 2011 as well, but if that is case what is the rush to be on the worst team in the league? Turner has been banged up this year as well, and might not want to risk further injury, but I would point to his teammate David Lighty as proof that sticking around does not always result in further injury. Plus, how could Turner not be moved by the story of the OSU 1960 national championship team? If Turner sticks around, he, Jon Diebler, Lighty, and the incoming freshman could lead them to their first NCAA title in over 50 years. Wall may accomplish the feat of winning a national title this season, and thus he might feel he has nothing left to prove. Wall might, however, want to leave a legacy such as the one that Jamal Mashburn, Ray Mercer, etc. left several years ago though. Plus there is the matter of the potential lockout in 2011, and both players might want to get their guaranteed money while they can. In any case, the decision to go pro for the top two players in college basketball this season is hardly anything but easy.

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