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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rich Rod's future at Michigan may hinge on his honesty to school, NCAA

Current University of Michigan football head coach Rich Rodriguez certainly has been under a lot of scrutiny these days. First and foremost is the performance of his team on the field, which has not been good by Michigan standards. Rodriguez is the first head coach to lead the U of M to consecutive losing seasons in over 40 years. However, there are Rodriguez apologists who would argue that it takes a little time to recruit the players needed to run the spread offense that he coaches. To that end, I would agree that maybe people should cut him a little slack. Then there are the off-the-field issues regarding the number of hours he has his players practice during the summer and the recording of such practice time. If there is something that will be the downfall of Rodriguez, it will be his less than honest response to the allegations leveled at his program. The University of Michigan is one of the elite schools in the nation, and, as such, will not tolerate continued secretive behavior for very long. This should be a wake up call for Rodriguez to right the ship. This is coming from someone who is an avid fan of Michigan's archrival, the Ohio State Buckeyes. I would like to see Rodriguez return the program and the OSU-Michigan rivalry back to prominence. I believe that, given time, he can do both; can he do it with the honesty and integrity expected of a University of Michigan head coach remains to be seen.

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