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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did Bengals make right decision by signing Bryant? In my opinion, no

The recent signing of free agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant by the Cincinnati Bengals has been hailed by many as a significant upgrade to their offensive unit. Bryant is only two years removed from a season in which he had amassed over 1200 yards receiving. But I do not believe that this was the best move possible for the Bengals. Indeed, even though I am an avid Browns fan, I can objectively say that I believe this was not the best move they could have made. In my opinion, they should have reached out to Denver and swapped their first round pick for Brandon Marshall. Marshall has made over 100 receptions each of the last three seasons and at only 25 years of age still has his best years in front of him. Bryant, at age 29, has several more seasons of wear and tear and has shown himself to be injury prone. And the 83 receptions Bryant had over two seasons ago was the most he ever had. In my estimation, this is another case of the Bengals not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to go from playoff contender to championship contender.

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