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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tebow's struggles should serve as a lesson for Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel

The recent struggles that former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has had impressing NFL scouts should serve as an example for both current Ohio State starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor, and OSU head coach Jim Tressel. Pryor, the number one recruited quarterback coming out of high school, will need to improve in several areas if he wants to avoid a fate similar to Tim Tebow. There are the obvious things that Pryor must work on such as taking snaps under center and not locking on to a single target. Then there are other things that are not so obvious, such as reading defensive schemes and managing the two minute drill. For Coach Jim Tressel's part, he must do what Florida coach Urban Meyer did not: give him the tools to succeed at the next level. He needs to open up the offense more and design a scheme that includes more than just Devier Posey. When OSU falls behind, he needs to resist the temptation to rein in Pryor, as one has to wonder what that does to Terrelle's confidence. And lastly, he needs to hire an actual quarterbacks coach such as a Walt Harris type to tutor Pryor rather than a graduate assistant, and it wouldn't hurt to hire an offensive coordinator as well. How Pryor does during the remainder of his career will be a reflection of Jim Tressel's coaching efforts. If Tressel is truly a great head coach, he(Tressel) will equip him (Pryor) with the tools to be a successful in the NFL. And he should. You do not recruit the number one quarterback in the nation to be a game manager. How Ohio State is viewed by future prospects hinges in large part on how Pryor develops as he gains more experience.

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