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Sunday, February 28, 2010

NFL competition committee doesn't go far enough with proposed rule change to OT

Recently reported that the NFL competition committee was considering changing the format for games that go into overtime ( Currently overtime in the NFL is a sudden death format with the first team to score winning the game. Under the proposed rule change, each team would get a possession in overtime unless the first team to receive the ball scores a touchdown. While I agree that this would be more fair than the current format, I do not believe that it is best solution possible for this dilemma. I still think this puts an unfair burden on one of the teams defensive units. My suggestion on how to fix overtime would go something like this: give each team one possesion, starting from their own 45 yard line, and, in the event that game is tied after the second team gets the ball, the game then should revert to a sudden death format. In this scenario each team would get a possession, and, unlike the current college format, I believe I have also proposed a way to end the game in a quicker manner as well.

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