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Thursday, February 4, 2010

NCAA BB Tourney to expand to 96 teams? Say it aint so

There has been some serious discussion as of late by the heads of the NCAA universities to expand the basketball tournament field from 64 teams to 96 teams. I believe that this would be a terrible mistake on the presidents' part. I am already opposed to the play-in game because the winner unfortunately has to take on the number 1 seed overall on less than a couple of days rest. Expanding the field to 96 teams might (or might not) eliminate the need for a play in game, but I believe it will bring a whole host of other problems. The first problem I see with an expanded tournament field is that it could possibly further cut into the time that these student athletes have to study for and take exams. Not only that, but with an expanded field, are we not looking at a watered down field as well? I mean, are the presidents really worried that Sam Houston State is not getting its fair shot at winning a national championship? Finally, with an expanded field would come expanded brackets for office pools. I am not saying I am against the office pool, having participated in a few myself, but with economy still struggling do we really need more man hours spent during the months of March and April finding out who will cut down the nets? My advice to all the university presidents and chancellors who will be voting on this issue: leave the current system the way it is.

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