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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tim Tebow- not an NFL quarterback

For all the awards and accomplishments that Tim Tebow has on the collegiate level, I do not believe that will translate into success in the NFL. No one can argue that what he did at the University of Florida has to place him not only among the top college quarterbacks of all time but also among the top college athletes of all time. But does that necessarily mean he is ready to make the leap to NFL quarterback? In a word, no. The first hurdle he has yet to clear is taking a snap under center, something he has struggled with during practice for Saturday's upcoming Senior Bowl. That he took only less than a handful of snaps under center while at Florida certainly did not help. More importantly, however, is whether he can make the necessary throws under intense duress-something he rarely encountered while at Florida. And when he did encounter such pressure, ala the SEC Championship versus Alabama, Tebow showed he can be easily rattled. Tim Tebow will find that he won't be able to stand in the pocket and lock on to his top receiver like he has been accustomed to. That doesn't mean I believe he will not play in the NFL. My prediction for Tebow is that he will become a situational quarterback like Kordell Stewart, Brad Smith, Pat White, and yes, even Michael Vick. Let's be honest, out of the former heisman trophy winning quarterbacks of recent history, only one has a starting job: Carson Palmer. And Palmer played on Pete Carrol's pro style offense for USC. Hopefully Tebow's struggles will serve as a lesson for asipiring NFL quartebacks still in college.

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