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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Olympics are here: why should I care?

Well, its almost February, and that means its time for the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game. It also means that the 2010 Winter Olympics are coming up as well from Vancouver, Canada. But pardon me if I really could care less. I mean, the Summer Olympics have events such as men's basketball, soccer, track and field, and swimming to keep me interested. But beyond men's ice hockey(in which the US again has no chance of winning, thank you very much), I have no real interest in watching any other sporting event in this year's Winter Olympics. You say I should turn in for curling? Yawn. Figure skating? Boring. The biathlon? C'mon now, I have some paint I need to watch dry. If NBC is hoping that the 2010 Olympics gather near the ratings that the 2008 games in Beijing did, they had better start promoting the heck out of some event like it did with Michael Phelps quest for 8 gold medals, or fan indifference like mine will become the norm.

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