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Saturday, March 23, 2013

An All-Big Ten Final Four?

VCU, thanks a lot. Shaka doesn't seem so smart right now, pardon the pun.

Actually, it wasn't really his fault. You see, Smart's Rams ran into the buzzsaw that was the Michigan Wolverines basketball team. With the hot shooting Trey Burke and Glenn Robinson, Jr, and a tenacious defense, VCU didn't stand a chance.

And my bracket may not stand a chance, either.

Having watched the Big Ten all season, I fully realize they could put four teams (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State) in Atlanta. After all, they are three of the most talented squads-plus an Ohio State team that plays some of the best defense in the country.

So while I had the privilege of watching guys like Burke and Hardaway and Victor Oladipo and Adrian Payne week after week, I was weary that this conference may have beaten each other up. Which is why I did fill out an all Big Ten Final Four.

If Michigan's win today is any indication, they may all be beating up on each other again in couple of weeks.

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