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Sunday, August 11, 2013

NFL Preseason: Why It Matters

Football is here! The most wonderful time of the year has once again descended upon us all!!! That's right, despite retail store's claims to the contrary, the year's most glorious season, the fall, is almost in full swing.

And while many people will argue that preseason football doesn't count, am I going to give you five reasons why it does:

1. Preseason football is like a job audition for at least 50 players on every team, where many undrafted gems are uncovered on a yearly basis.

Ever hear of guys like Tony Romo, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, and London Fletcher? You have? Quick, tell me what year they were drafted in and by whom. That's right, you can't, because each one of these guys were undrafted free agents who have now blossomed into pro-bowl type players. And they were all discovered during preseason games. So the next time you tell your buddy 'man that guy came out of nowhere' well, he really didn't. It's just that he earned his spot by playing well during the preseason rather than being drafted.

Side note: For everyone out there who is a Tony Romo hater (and there are many out there, I'll admit I was even one) his career stat line looks like this 64.7 percent completion ratio; 25,737 passing yards; 177 passing TDs vs 91 interceptions. This from a guy who was undrafted. Let me put that in all caps for emphasis: UNDRAFTED

2. Preseason games may not count toward a team's record, but injuries during training camp and games start to pile up. 

The loss of even one key player (such as a Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin, or Bryan Bulaga for instance) can have lasting ramifications for a team trying to make a playoff push. But add to that another injury at a similar position and that can all but end a team's playoff chances.

So that is another reason to watch your team in the preseason, i.e, to make sure you understand their injury situation. Of course, you can't help them overcome injury issues, but at least you'll understand why they aren't performing up to par.

3. Stellar preseason performances don't necessarily translate into regular season success, but failure in the preseason almost always carries over.

Of the 14 or so games played last Thursday or Friday, many first string squads had decent outings. But I was interested to see the Patriot's backup, Tim Tebow, struggle in his first game with New England. Leads me to believe that Ryan Mallet may be the backup, and this may be Tim's last stop in the NFL.

4. Its football: what other reason do you really need?!!!

 You have something better watch on a Thursday night in August?

5. Preseason football can mean everything to your fantasy football team.

Like I said before, it pays to watch preseason football, especially if you play fantasy football. Or you don't have to. Just let your best friend watch the games, but don't come whining to me when his team defeats yours for the league championship (and the cash).

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