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Saturday, March 19, 2011

NCAA First Round( Or Second, Sorry Guys at CBS... Geez!) In the Books

So, the first round of the NCAA tourney is officially in the books(yeah I still don't buy the play-in games as a round, its merely a way for the networks to fill slots so they don't have to air reruns), and a few observations can be made.

First off, regarding my position in the Argobright Family tourney pool...I am in fourth place (out of four! ouch!! just kiddding, there are actually nine people in the pool), and I still have the most possible points remaining.  I only went 23-9 the first round(Penn State could have helped me, and I didn't see Michigan winning the way they did), but I have 15 of 16 teams still alive for the next round, including all final four participants. In regards to remaining points available, I am tied with my oldest brother, Vic, but he has decided OSU won't win it all, selecting Kansas instead(and his final four is slightly different than mine.)  But it is still anyone's pool, just as its anyone's tournament.

As for an analysis of the games that were played, well, there was really any shockers on the first two big days of games(I hate CBS and all this second round bs, seriously! we're only in the second round today!).  Unless you count Morehead State's victory over Louisville, which was sort of surprising, yet I wasn't too sure about the Cardinals anyway.  Same goes for Georgetown, I commented to a friend that I didn't think they were that strong this year.

The real story in the FIRST ROUND (CBS... Deal With It!) of the NCAA Tournament has to be Michigan Wolverines defeat of Tennessee by 30 points.  No one saw that coming.  And CBS is already making excuses for the lopsided defeat, saying that Tennessee quit because of the issues surrounding head coach Bruce Pearl. Heck, even a Volunteer player offered the same lame excuse.  Come on! It's the NCAA Tourney! If you guys in Knoxville can't get up to play in the first round, regardless of what may be happening to your coach, you don't have a pulse.  That being said, I am eager to see how the Second Round matchup between Duke and Michigan plays out.

Finally, regarding the four number one seeds: all held up to form.  For a minute there, I was worried that Ohio State was going to struggle with Texas-San Antonio.  And they did.  For two or three minutes, If we are going to be technical about it.  And Kansas got a scare from Boston. For a half.  All joking aside, these two did nothing to dispel the notion they are on a collision course to meet in Houston.  Although Duke made a convicning case that the defending National Champs are not to be taken lightly either.

So, its on to the second round of the first weekend of games... as an aside, if you don't want to hear Charles Barkley ramble on endlessly, they are showing the games on four networks this year (CBS, TBS, TruTV, TNT)

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