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Saturday, May 29, 2010

World Cup spotlight to shine on South Africa

It happens once every four years.  No, I am not talking about the Olympics, but rather the World Cup, soccer's grandest stage of them all, where 32 nations compete over a 3 to four week time period so one can be called champion.  The 2010 version of the World Cup is to take place in South Africa, a diverse nation not exempt from controversy.  Indeed, for years the nation had been known primarily for apartheid, a sort of unwritten policy of treating ethnic minorities as second class citizens.  These games, however, look to bring a more positive note to the nation, as the whole country has been thrown into a whirlwind over the events.  The venues range from the large capital of Johannesburg, to the scenic Cape Town and Table Mountain, to the beautiful Port Elizabeth.  I myself would love to go the games, but not necessarily just to see soccer.  As many of you reading this blog may already know, my grandmother was born and raised in Cape Town, and I still have several second and third cousins that currently live in South Africa.  I actually had an outside shot to earn a trip there(through ESPN the magazine's take me to the World Cup contest), but alas I did not submit an entry by the deadline, and I think my chances of winning were probably slim since I am not really a rabid soccer fan.  In any case I shall be tuned to the games the moment they start(June 11th for those of you who don't know) and will be interested to see how things go for the country's first major international event in years plays out.  It should be fun to watch.

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