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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suh would be best choice for Rams at number one

Here I go, already stirring up the pot with the draft less than a week away.  Yes I am very aware that just yesterday I stated that the Browns should go for the top pick and draft Sam Bradford.  And I still say that if Mike Holmgren and company believe him to be the best quarterback available, and the price is right, they should go get him.  But I do not believe he is the best player in the draft.  No I believe that distinction goes to former Nebraska nose tackle Ndamukong Suh, the guy who was previously thought to be the first pick taken.  If the Rams do decide to keep the first pick, I do not see how they can pass on this guy.  He was an absolute beast at Nebraska, and for those of you watching the Big 12 championship, he almost single-handedly took Texas out of the BCS title game.  Sure, the Rams need a quarterback, and sure they have passed up on opportunities to draft qbs in recent year's  But the number one pick is all about taking whomever you believe to be the best available, and last I heard the Rams believed Suh fit the bill.  He would be a great addition to a defensive front that already has Chris Long and James Laurinatis.  As for finding a quarterback, Colt McCoy could still be available in the second round, and, its not as if Bradford is going to turn them into an instant contender.  So while public sentiment in St. Louis might be against not taking a qb this year, there is always the possibility that the Rams wait until next year and draft someone like Jake Locker of Washington or Ryan Mallet of Arkansas.  Either way, by selecting Suh the Rams should take comfort in knowing they took the best player available, which is what having the number one pick is all about.

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