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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I learned about Ohio Sports teams and fans this year.

A few random observations regarding Ohio sports teams (and their fans) this year, having already attended an OSU football game,  a Cleveland Browns football game, and going to a couple of Columbus Clipper baseball games this past summer.....

.....That fans of the Clippers still want to watch their team, even when they are down 8-0.  Although this may have been due to the fact that Columbus was in the playoff hunt at the time, it still is kind of amazing that fans would stick around with their team down by such a big deficit.

...That going to a night game at the 'Shoe was one of the coolest experiences I have had at a sporting event, even if the game was only against Marshall.  I can only imagine the electricity at Ohio Stadium when Texas came to play the Buckeyes that Saturday night.  If only OSU could play all of its big games at home under the lights, maybe we would do better.  Hmmm, maybe that is why Wisconsin got the better of them, home lights.  Makes you wonder what would have happened had they played the game at 1pm EST.

...That Cleveland Browns fans, despite their current overall record and recent history against the Steelers, still think the Steelers suck.  Really.  They actually sell t-shirts outside the stadium in Pittsburgh black and yellow(memo to all Steelers' fans, your team's colors are  black and yellow, not black and gold.  Only a few football teams I know of have gold colors, and they are in college.  US Military Academy's colors are black and gold,  Notre Dame's colors are blue and gold,  and the United States Naval Academy's colors are blue and gold.  Your colors are black and yellow.  So down with black and yellow) with the words "Pittsburgh still sucks" on them.  I won't get into the Ben Roethlisberger t-shirts, needless to say they are pretty derogatory, and let's face it, outside the media and those fans of the Steelers, the rest of the country could really care less about the man.  Really.  Ask anyone who is not a Steelers fan what they thought about Ben after the Milledgeville, GA incident, Steelers fans, and let me know what you find out if you don't believe me.

....That even though 99% of the audience at an Ohio State game is rooting for the Buckeyes, there is always that 1% who is against the Buckeyes, and a lot of them are there just to cause trouble.  Just like at the Marshall game, a guy sitting in the seat directly behind me, who must have bought his tickets from a OSU alum(as I bought my tickets from my uncle, Jeff Brown,  a class of '72 grad who also happened to play football for Woody Hayes) decided he was going to yell expletives all game.  Not only at the refs.  Not only at the Buckeyes.  But even at his own team.  Appears that at halftime while I was at the concession stands another Buckeyes fan got into an argument with him.  I think the Buckeyes fan must have won because he(the Marshall fan) ended up leaving less than midway thru the 3rd quarter.

...That the new Clipper Stadium (called Huntington Park) is really nice.  really.  I don't know about you but I actually like that the stadium was built with bricks.  Kinda gives it a nice retro look.

...That Cleveland Browns stadium is pretty cool as well.  I understand from my buddy, a fellow browns fan, that inside the stadium there is a museum dedicated to all the Browns' greats.  Well, when we were there we didn't really have time to visit the museum prior to the game, but I am sure I will go back there again next time I am making sure to arrive in Cleveland with enough time to check it out.  And who knows, maybe I'll get there early enough to swing by the rock  'n' roll hall of fame as well.

...That Columbus Clippers fans' still have their bells.  The first game I went to this summer, it appeared to me no one was ringing their bells. Then, the second game, down 8-0 in the seventh against Indianapolis (maybe to help ignite a rally, which never happened btw), came the call to ring your bells.  Kinda nice to know that even though the team has changed stadiums, at least some of the old traditions are being kept.

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